My weight loss journey,

Believe it or not, this was me in 2010, weighing 108 kilograms. Even now today, looking at the person I used to be is difficult. The photographs bring about overwhelming feelings of hopelessness and emotional turmoil that I suffered for years. My children often look at my photographs, they call them my “biggie” photo’s, and to them, they are of their mother, whom they love unconditionally, big or small, but I don’t see them in that same way.

It was on the morning of September 11th, 2013, that I awoke to the memorial of the 911 tragedy. I was sitting watching the early morning news and an overwhelming feeling of positivity overcame me. I have no idea where it originated from; but am sure that it had something to do with me listening to the hopelessness and desperation in the poor family members, left behind and the numerous lives lost. I gave thought to the fact that my family may be left in the same situation, not from a tragedy of that magnitude, but rather a tragedy of me not having cared for myself. I decided at that moment that I had to make drastic changes. And so, I did My life from that day has never been the same and I feel so blessed that I made such a life-changing decision. My book includes my weight loss journey, with all the positives as well as the negatives I faced in the early days.Looking back those few negatives I faced during my weight loss challenge were absolutely crucial. It moulded and formed me into the strong woman that I am today.

I was always so self conscious of my weight and it severely impacted my self esteem. I would visit a restaurant and instead of enjoying the meal would be wondering how the people would be sitting there judging me.I thought that they must be thinking, “My goodness, hasn’t she had enough?” After my weight loss, I love nothing more than visiting a restaurant and enjoying a fine meal, one without the worry of being judged.

My greatest achievement is having my children tell me how very proud they are of me for persevering and succeeding up to this moment in my life.

Before weighing 108 kilograms .................................................Now weighing 58 kilograms